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Welcome to the Official Site Of Pop-Off Productions. Based out of Poughkeepsie and Brooklyn, NY, Pop-Off Productions is a Mobile DJ and Production Company that offers professional dj service for your special event or function. With a music library that ranges from hip-hop and r&b; to classic rock and country to bachata, merengue and salsa, we are fully equipped and possess the expertise needed to make your event one to remember.

December 15, 2007
Don Notz and DJ Kingpin surfaced in New Haven, CT on Friday night to DJ a crazy party. Happy Birthday to Lenny and shoutouts to Wuzi!

We added a testimonials section to the site. I invite those that purchase our cds to send us pictures holding the cd for placement in both the testimonials and photos section.

Lastly, DJ Kingpin and Snax are back with another edition of The Stronghold mixshow. This time, they're holdin' it down for the Carribbean with a Reggae show.

December 9, 2007
DJ Kingpin and Snax Boogie have two new podcasts available for your listening pleasure, including a tribute to Pimp C.

December 8, 2007
Thanks to all those that checked out DJ Kingpin at the All Star Cafe in Mount Vernon. Check him there every Friday night!

December 7, 2007
Pop-Off Productions receives a solid review for their "No Justus No Peace" release in conjunction with Little Brother. Check the review here and here.

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